David Gilson is a technology writer who specializes in mobile technology, cloud computing, and crypto-currencies. He is driven by a passion for explaining complex topics in a straightforward and down to earth way.

Since 2009, David has worked as a freelance journalist, writing for All About Symbian, All About Windows Phone, All About MeeGo, Blottr, CNET UK, CoinDesk, Last100, No Brainer App Reviews, The Mobile Fanatics, and (of course) his own blog.


Read David’s opinions on technology and science, as well as a weekly digest of his online publications.

Highlights include “The Ever Expanding Universe in Modern Cosmology” and “Ten reasons why Ubuntu is better than Windows“.

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David has written hundreds of articles for various sites and publications. Topics range from the mobile industry, cloud computing, app reviews, technology how-to guides, and cryptocurrency news.