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ADVA is a German based optical networking company who I have worked with for years. Here is a collection of renders I produced for them.

ADVA MicroMux

My colleagues at The 3D Facility created this animation based on my product model and Cycles shaders.  

ADVA – OSA 5401

This is another SFP form factor device from ADVA which is included here because I love the geometry and shaders I came up with for this one. Even if I do say so myself, this model just stands out to me as I feel I really nailed it. Again, the animation was done by The […]

ADVA – FSP 150 GE110Pro Series

Again, I created all the products featured in this video which were passed to my colleagues at The 3D Facility for the animation. This video is a great showcase of the range of devices I’ve visualized for ADVA. All of the models are retopologised CAD models, with fine detail added to stand up to the […]

ADVA – OSA 5405

This is a model created from CAD files and engineering drawings. I also created the indoor and outdoor scenes featured in the video, which was animated by The 3D Facility.

Cermaq Fish Farm

In this video, created by Steven’s Solutions and Design (NS Canada) I prepared assets and rigging, including cleaning up geometry and modelling some items myself. I also created a boid simulation of the fish swimming in the large net.  

Animation Nodes – Audio Visualizer

This project was how I cut my teeth in Animation Nodes. The visualizer takes a sound file, splits each frame into a frequency spectrum and wraps that wave form into a circle or arc. Then, each frame passes to the next concentric ring, like a ripple on a pond. Every possible parameter is available to tweak, […]

Animation Nodes – creating cartoon people

We were commissioned with creating a cartoon style animation to be shown in cinema’s to advertise a local college. Obviously, a college needs students, and the exterior shots called for lots of them. We created various assets to construct each student, like hair types, clothing types etc. However, there were certain combinations that were not […]

Procedural Modelling

Working in Blender isn’t like working in CAD programs. In any CAD package a complicated shape can be defined by a handful of numerical parameters. In Blender, we’re just moving vertices around, which is often a destructive way of modelling. In my work, I have developed ways of creating as simple a mesh as possible, […]

Autobot Matrix of Leadership – Hard surface study

Full geek mode here. As a child I was enthralled with The Transformers, and the 1986 movie was a landmark event for me. Hence, when I wanted to take on a personal hard surface modelling project this became a natural choice. There is a lot of reference material out there on the web, but as […]