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Do you really need a TV any more?

By on Jul 6, 2009 in Editorial |

How much of a need is there for a TV these days? I’ve been thinking about what sort of electronics I’d want if I were setting up my own home (i.e. living alone). I know I watch virtually no TV series any more. What few things I do watch, I could easily watch on the internet (via such things as the BBC iPlayer). As time has gone on, much more of the video...

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Strange things going on with my laptop!

By on Mar 5, 2009 in Personal |

Here’s a video demonstrating something very strange that my laptop started doing this morning. It has an LED display, which normally shows the time. Although, some usually unused digits are now showing Hex values. A little concerned about this, because I don’t have any other computer. So if this things dies on, I’m...

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Review: Logitech VX Revolution

By on Oct 23, 2008 in Reviews |

I have had my Logitech VX Revolution notebook mouse for fifteen weeks; here’s my review. For the prior 32 months I was using Logitech’s MX1000. I was really excited to get this mouse because it was their first LASER mouse. Also, I had just become a full-time laptop user, so I wanted a wireless mouse. Concentrating on the word “wireless”; that was my big...

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