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What is Blottr & why am I there?

By on Sep 13, 2011 in Personal |

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting  stories on yet another site, namely Blottr. In short, Blottr is like the Wikpedia of news, anyone can contribute and edit news stories. It was launched in September 2010 and founded by Adam Baker. Blottr covers local news (UK cities: Bristol, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Manchester, but it’s soon to be rolled out across key parts of Europe too). It also covers politics, sports, business; and technology, which is where I come in. Blottr recently appointed three new columnists, of which I’m one – you can read about them and Blottr here. I have a bi-weekly column where I give commentary and insight on the latest technology news, and review the tools that can make your life better. If you head over to my profile page, you can see all my stories and even subscribe to them by email. I’m listing articles on my publications page too. I’m really interested to see where citizen journalism goes, and I’m excited to be involved. The obvious advantage is that people on the street reporting from a mobile application can break stories that mainstream media either couldn’t or wouldn’t. The obvious question over citizen journalism is quality of information, but I think there are two aspects that compensate for this. If someone reports as an eye-witness, then that information can be taken as fairly accurate. Furthermore, consider  the collaborative aspect of Blottr. Just as with Wikipedia, the ‘knowledge of crowds’ takes over, with public correcting the facts. The more people who participate, the better things will be. Over to...

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Where to read, hear and see me

By on Aug 31, 2010 in Personal |

Hello readers, I’m still busy writing for All About Symbian, and managing my CFS, so blog posts here have had to wait. However, I wanted to post a quick summary of my latest activities, and where you can find me these days. My last-but-one blog post told of my very first podcast appearance. I’m pleased to say I’ve had a lot more podcast appearances since then. I’m a regular member on the All About Symbian podcast; and back in July I was a guest on episode 11 of Disaster Protocol, an information security podcast. I’ll also be making a return appearance on the Phones Show Chat podcast at the end of September. My most exciting news is that I’ll be attending both days of the Nokia World 2010 event as part of the All About Symbian team! I’ll be in London from the 13th to 15th of September. I’ll also be attending the blogger meet at the 1000Heads office. I’m very excited about this, and it will be my first time in the field chasing stories. I am also going to have to carefully manage my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Fortunately, my hotel room isn’t far away, so I can easily rest up if I need to. In other news, I’m currently borrowing a Nokia N900, which I think is a fantastic piece of hardware, and Maemo5 is a great mobile operating system. I’ve been trying to flash it with a preview version of MeeGo, but I’m having technical problems with the files on the MeeGo repository – I’ll post back when I succeed. I’ve finally got an Android phone arriving on loan later this week – I’ve been writing about Symbian for so long, it’s about time I tried out an Android! So that covers everything for now. I’m still hoping to find a way to make my technology journalism into a CFS-friendly living. If you know anyone who’d like to hire me, please tell them about me, or vice versa! On that note, I’ll leave you with some video highlight’s of Nokia World 2009. If you’re not going, be sure to follow me on Twitter for my coverage. If you are going, I look forward to seeing you...

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By on Oct 6, 2009 in Website Updates |

Now that I have a grand total of, erm, two articles posted on other sites, I’ve decided to create a new page here on my blog, because I don’t intend to stop at two. In fact, I’m hoping getting articles posted on other sites is going to be a semi-regular thing. Imagine trumpets playing …...

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