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Maritime Office

This is probably my most ambitious attempt at an art and world building project. Here I came up with a story, and went off to online sources and purchased as many assets as I could with only modelling what I had to. The story was a new tech start-up operating an ocean-going related business in a […]

Rocking chair modelling study

Here I took some reference photos off Google and subdivision surface modeled the rocking chair. While I would have liked to make a procedural texture, that wasn’t the object of the exercise, so they are purchased textures.

Metal Material Studies

Having convincing metal materials can be challenging, if you require something more than a simple diffuse/glossy mix with a bit of roughness thrown in . Here are some images of my work on creating various metallic effects, from brushed metals to sandblasted metals with a peening effect. In general I prefer to create procedural textures, […]