The Best Accessories For Busy People On The Move

The Best Accessories For Busy People On The Move

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Nowadays, we all lead increasingly busy lives. Whether you’re heading to work or doing the school run, there are certain things you can’t leave the house without: Wallet/purse, keys and of course, your mobile phone. You find yourself with an ever-growing to do list, longer working hours, and a packed schedule. A great way to keep on top of all of this chaos is to utilise all that time spent on the move.


Everybody has a mobile phone these days and whilst they can be one of the most distracting things you own -with 58% of smart phone users saying they cannot bear to be away from their phone for more than an hour– they can also be a fantastic tool to help you organise yourself and your life. But a phone by itself is not always enough to keep you organised throughout a typical day. There is a bewildering array of accessories out there to help you. Here are a few ideas to help streamline your day and allow you to organise yourself while on the move.


Hands Free Headset

12274326053_4433242d5e_zFor those who are looking to take and make calls whilst multi-tasking, a Bluetooth headset is essential. They automatically connect wirelessly with your phone and fit comfortably over your ear. Most have batteries that will last for hours of talk time and can even give you voice notifications about battery life and connection status. Also, because they sit over one ear, you can still stay tuned to everything else going on around you. Hands-free headsets are now more affordable and easy to get hold of, supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have even started selling them.



If you prefer to listen to music during your commute, or during a break between busy work periods, a pair of phone-specific headphones is essential. They typically have noise blocking in-ear buds which sit just inside your ears. Great for noisy environments like buses or trains, they also include a microphone and volume control halfway up the cord. This means you can take and make calls, as well as listening to music, allowing you to shut off for a while.


In Car Charger


7511235560_e1b2edebe0_zWithout a doubt one of the biggest problems with the modern mobile phone is the short battery life. Once upon a time, your old Nokia brick lasted a week without losing more than a bar. Now though, if you’re going to be using your phone to help you stay on track throughout the day, it’s likely to struggle to make it through on one full charge. If you spend any amount of time driving during a typical day, than an in-car charger makes the most of that time by keeping your phone topped up. Utilising your time on the move.




Bluetooth Speakerphone

We all know the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone, but this device from Jabra removes that risk and allow you to answer calls without being distracted. Also great for mobile conference calls, the speakerphone allows you to remotely answer calls and have conversations hands free. Often the speakerphone capabilities of our own mobile is simply not enough, it can be tinny and the microphone can be insufficient, but this device is specifically designed to enhance a speaker phone call. With just your voice, you can answer calls while you drive, making full use of your time on the move. Say goodbye to all those missed calls and hello to… well… whoever is calling.


Window Mount

As we’ve established, people on the move spend a lot of time in the car. A window mount means your phone can also have a seat up-front, allowing you to safely play music or use the satnav, without the distraction of rummaging around for the phone. It also means you can see those important notifications pop up so you can always stay updated.


Protective Case

Our phones really do take a beating being stuck at the bottom of our bags, rammed in our pockets and dropped on the floor, so they need adequate protection. A decent case protects your phone from scratches and knocks, while also allowing you to accessorise the most important device in your busy life. There is a vast array of cases available online, to suit every style and demand. A sleek leather case can give your phone the class it demands while protecting it from everyday scratching and clumsiness. Alternatively, a bespoke phone case of your favourite boy band complete with diamante detailing and your name in glitter can give it that personal flare.


6039229981_e95615fdcc_zUtilising your time on the move while getting the most out of your device is only going to make life easier. For the busy worker of today, juggling the school run with the daily grind can leave you wanting more hours in the day, so making the most of your mobile allows you to use time that would otherwise be wasted. Mobile accessories are a great way to make your device more efficient and you more productive, meaning at the end of the day you can just switch off and relax.

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