Weekly publications digest – May 16, 2014

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Here are my latest publications from around the web.

  • eBay CEO confirms bitcoin is 'on the radar'
    eBay recently held its annual shareholder meeting in San Jose. Afterwards, CEO Jon Donahoe held a Q and A session in which he was put on the spot about competitors, policies, and more importantly … Bitcoin. 326 words
  • Coinbase supports MIT initiative with bitcoin giveaway
    We recently reported on the social experiment being done at MIT, whereby a whole Bitcoin ecosystem would be created for undergraduate students to take part in. As a follow-up to this, Coinbase has has offered 0 worth of bitcoin to students who sign up to the service. 285 words
  • Circle launches bitcoin banking services
    Circle, a Boston-based bitcoin startup, has just revealed plans for a no-free bitcoin banking service. These plans were announced on the company’s blog and showcased at the Bitcoin 2014 conference which is currently being held in Amsterdam. 534 words
  • Prypto resurrects the idea of physical bitcoin transfer
    Irish startup Prypto is developing cryptocurrency scratch cards, which could be purchased from brick-and-mortar retailers. The idea behind this is to turn the intangible cryptocurrencies into a tangible physical product, which has been attempted before. In fact, BitBill even tried to patent the idea. Can Prypto succeed where others have failed? The idea of using scratch cards to physically transfer intangible assets is not new. They were once in widespread use for Pay as you Go mobile phone plans, and can still be purchased to this day. 441 words
  • CeX replaces the Pound with Bitcoin in Glasgow
    CeX, who started paying out in Bitcoin last month, has been sounding the call for Scottish independence today. CeX, is a bring-and-buy retail chain in the UK, and has an international website where customers can buy and sell their games and gadgets, respectively from and to the company. The company tied the official launch of its Bitcoin payments to the debate on Scottish independence today, hoping that it would create a Bitcoin high-street experiment with its branch in Sauchiehall in Glasgow. 406 words
  • Facebook shows maturing attitude to users and developers » Techly
    Facebook’s recent F8 developer conference brought with it a slew of landmark changes from the social media giant. From anonymous login for third party apps to stability guarantees for third party developers, it seems as if Facebook is finally growing up. 703 words
  • Apple vs Samsung demonstrates patent overdosing » Techly
    If the idea of being in the jury for the protracted legal battle between Apple and Samsung makes you want to cry, you are in good company. The titanic battle to determine whose ideas were whose has cost millions in legal fees and fried the brains of judges and juries along the way. Ultimately, it’s been for around 120 million dollars in Apple’s favour, and to these tech giants, that’s fair small change. 516 words
  • BitPay raises 30 million in Series A funding
    Bitcoin payment processor has just received a massive 30 million dollars in series-A startup funding. The investment has been made against the company’s 160 million dollar valuation and comes from a collection of investors including Virgin’s Richard Branson and Yahoo’s co-founder Jimmy Yang. 393 words
  • Does Windows Phone 8.1 file manager suggest an Android-like future? » Techly
    Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently held an AMA (ask me anything) about Windows phone on reddit, where he fielded questions about upcoming updates to Windows Phone 8 platform. It appears that Windows Phone users can not only look forward to wider availability of the Cortana personal assistant, but also a file manager. 791 words