Weekly publications digest – April 18, 2014

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Here are my latest publications from around the web.

  • Localbitcoins investigating bitcoin thefts and malware – CoinBuzz
    Localbitcoins is currently investigating claims of account vulnerability in response to a user who went to Reddit and the Localbitcoin forums to report the theft of bitcoins from their Localbitcoins account. 467 words
  • Second hand store CeX to payout in bitcoin – CoinBuzz
    CeX, a UK based bring and buy website and retail chain as begun offering bitcoin in exchange for goods on its website. The news was reported by a user on the Bitcoin section of Reddit (vernacular: “subreddit”), with a screenshot of the website offering bitcoin as one of several reimbursement methods for selling used products to the company. 527 words
  • UK exchange Coinfloor to invite public audits – CoinBuzz
    Coinfloor, London’s only Bitcoin exchange which was established in 2013, has today announced a raft of new features, including its “proof of solvency”, making it the world’s first publicly auditable Bitcoin exchange. Additionally, the exchange announced 0% fees for the first 60 days of trading and an “over the counter” (OTC) trading system for large bitcoin trades. 474 words
  • French chain Monoprix to accept bitcoin – CoinBuzz
    Monoprix, a major French retail chain based in Clichy, France, has announced support for Bitcoin. The company’s director, Patrick Qualid, formally announced the decision, and how it was influenced by the simplicity offered by digital currencies. 226 words
  • Feathercoin wallet fix now available – CoinBuzz
    Feathercoin, the Scrypt enabled altcurrency based in Oxford UK, has issued an updated wallet on the Google Play Store. Over the past few weeks, the original client had become unable to synchronise with the Feathercoin network, denying users access to their funds. 363 words
  • Corkett takes on eBay and Craigslist with Bitcoin – CoinBuzz
    A Bitcoin based classifieds site, Corkett, aimed at tackling the shortcomings of eBay and Craigslist, will soon be launched. Cokrett.com is a New York based start-up, which is aiming to create a highly localised buy and sell market for its users. 430 words
  • Take Awesome Astronomy Photos with a Smartphone and a Telescope
    If you’re eager to start photographing the night sky, but you want to do so on a budget, it can be done – even with just a smartphone and a telescope. 200 words