Slickwraps Nexus 5 wooden skin

Slickwraps Nexus 5 wooden skin

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Looking for Nexus 5 case, but don’t want the bulk of a case? Slickwraps might be an option, if you have the patience. Slickwrap is a new product that gives you hard-wearing skins that stick to your phone with “reusable” adhesive, that (allegedly) does not leave a residue on your device.

2013-12-12 23.45.21My first impression upon receiving my Nexus 5 Slickwrap was “oh no, this isn’t a case, it’s a sheet of stickers!” Indeed, when you open the pack, you have a standard screen protector, and a sheet of stickers custom cut to the model of phone on the packet, in this case the Nexus 5. Oh and there’s a few ‘skins’ for the mains adapter too.

2013-12-12 23.45.37

My first impressions were reinforced when I had to start applying everything. Getting screen protectors on is never fun. However, Slickwraps do provide a cloth to clean the screen first, and then a stiff piece of card to push out air bubbles.

2013-12-12 23.45.42

Next was the (not so) fun process of applying the actual ‘wrap’ to the phone. In the case of the Nexus 5, it has the “nexus” logo embossed on the back. To match that, the back-skin has the letters cut out, so I had to make sure all it was perfectly lined up. Just as well that adhesive is reusable! There are also pieces to go around all the other faces of the phone too, all with appropriate cut-outs for buttons and ports.

2013-12-12 23.46.12

It’s advisable to watch the tutorial videos for your particular phone on Slickwraps’s website. Without having done so, I wouldn’t have known that the skins actually need some heating to shrink and “morph” to the counters of the phone. The company recommends a heat gun or hair dryer. Since I had neither, I went and held my phone above an (electric) burner on my cooker to provide the heat needed to mould the back-skin around the Nexus 5’s contours. I do not accept responsibility for how you apply heat to your phone or the results there of!


The particular wrap I’d been sent had an ebony wood-effect. As well as mimicking the colours, it also imitates the texture of such wood. Seeing it all on the backing sheet looked very cheesy, and I was highly sceptical of the end result looking at all good.


Now though, I’m starting to think that my Nexus 5 looks pretty sharp – much to my surprise! The texture of the wrap feels pleasing, and I don’t have to worry about scratching or scuffing it. Of course, a Slickwrap cannot protect against dropping the phone or something on the it!


Given that I can feel the edges of the ‘wraps’, I was somewhat concerned that they would start to roll up and stick to pocket fluff. So far, after nearly 24 hours, it has been picking up some fluff and fibres, but nothing terrible. It will need more long term testing, which is why I haven’t tested Slickwraps’s claim that no adhesive residue is left on your phone and that the wraps can be reused.

Check out Slickwraps here.