Review – Sonivo Nexus 7 Leather Case

Review – Sonivo Nexus 7 Leather Case

By on Nov 7, 2013 in Reviews |

Even though I haven’t written a review of it, I’ve had the 2013 Nexus 7 for a month or so, and am very happy with it. The folks at GearZap sent me a Nexus 7 case to review. Hence if you’re looking for a case, read on to see what I thought of Sonivo’s leather Nexus 7 case.


To be honest, I haven’t been big on cases for my mobile kit. With the original Nexus 7, I had a clip-on Bluetooth keyboard also served as a case. However, my usage patterns have changed, and I’ve found myself going out more often and throwing my tablet in my bag. Anyone who does the same will know that bags full of tech might as well be a food blender – things get beaten up pretty quickly (unless you have an awesome bag with dedicated internal pockets).

Originally, I ordered a cheap flip-case for the new Nexus 7 from eBay. It was mostly a hard shell kind of case with a segmented front-cover (much like the iPad Mini flip case). It worked pretty well apart from the magnet. It was hit and miss as to whether the Nexus 7 could detect it and wake up and go to sleep as the case was opened and closed. So I pretty much got what I paid for.


A couple of weeks later the Sonivo case was sent along to me from GearZap. To be honest my first impression was that it was a fine case, but that it wasn’t (aesthetically) for me – dare I say it felt a tad too feminine? After just a couple of days that first impression was done away with.

The case is leather, and comes in a range of colours. As you can see in the photos, I was sent the blue one, which took a little getting used to, but it has grown on me.


The first thing I’ll point out about this is that it has a magnetic seal which is 100% compatible with the Nexus 7’s sensor. That means you don’t have to use the power – the Nexus 7 will wake up when you open the case, and go to sleep when you close it.

As for the rest of the case, the section that holds the tablet is fastened with a Velcro tab. The interior of the case is a beige kid-leather material which feels lovely. The opposite side of the case (i.e. the cover) has three stitched slots, two are for credit cards, and another slot for a SIM card.


On the inside of the case’s spine there is an elasticated hand strap. This works surprisingly well for securely holding the tablet with the case opened.

On the outside of the case, the rear has a tab that the cover to tucks into to create a standing configuration. The cover has two folding segments, which means it can prop up the tablet at two levels. The steepest angle is good for hands free content consumption (e.g. watching videos or reading text). This configuration also combines perfectly with the hand strap as a hand-grip for using the tablet outdoors. The lower angle that’s possible with the case helps on-screen typing on a table or your lap – i.e. data entry mode.


While the case doesn’t come with a stylus, it has an elastic loop on the right-hand side that is perfect for holding a stylus. In fact, the hand grip configuration described above is very well complemented by having a stylus – it’s a whole different way of using a tablet. In such a scenario you are probably on the move and doing some work related activity – rather than lounging on your couch reading Facebook. In those cases, a stylus is more accurate than you’d be with your finger.


I’ve used this case with my tablet in the hand-grip mode for reading on my commute and it’s really comfortable. Having the tablet strapped to your hand means keeping the tablet upright is much less tiring over long periods than having to grip the tablet.


If you head over to GearZap, you can get the Sonivo Leather Nexus 7 case for £19.99. Given that the official Asus case is £24.99, I think this case offers much more utility along with a saving of £5. If I had to find any criticism is that the case really adds a lot of bulk to the tablet. So if you want slim line protection of your Nexus 7 you might want to look elsewhere. However, the bulk of this tablet all means that your tablet is that much more protected from drops and bumps.