Review – Premium Portable Power Bank

Review – Premium Portable Power Bank

By on Nov 10, 2013 in Reviews |

One of the oft-overlooked issues in mobile technology is that of battery life. For a heavy user even the best smartphones (with few exceptions) fail to get through the day. With that in mind, I’ve been testing out some portable chargers donated by Mobile Solar Chargers that I’ll be covering in the next few posts.

The first device I tested was the “Premium portable power bank”. This device is a 12,000 mAh portable battery. For anyone who has seen the Proporta Turbo Charger, this device is very similar, except that it has nearly double the capacity.


When you open the box you have the charger and one short and flat Micro USB cable. I like these flat cables as it prevents annoying twists being set into a cable. The complementary parts are somewhat barebones compared to Proporta who send a felt drawstring bag, two retractable cables and lots of interchangeable charging tips. However, I always find that retractable cables are a somewhat cumbersome and fragile, and the extra tips never get used.

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The power bank comes in white or black – I was sent the white one. The first thing that struck me (after having used Proporta’s model for so long) was the noticeable increase in both size (mainly length) and weight – it really is a lot heavier.

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Just like Proporta’s model, it has two USB ports for charging devices and a Micro USB port for charging. Also, it has four blue LEDs to indicate its charge level, which can be checked any time by pressing a key on its side. Where it differs from the Turbo charger is the amount of power it can output. Both this charger and its Porporta counterpart have a “high power” USB port that supplies 2.1 Amps for charging tablets. However, whereas the “low power” port on the Proporta Turbo charger only supplies 0.5 Amps (the same as a PC port), the Premium portable power bank gives 1.0 Amps (the same as a regular phone charger). This makes a big difference when keeping two devices topped up during the day.

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If you suffer from battery anxiety, and want to feel like your devices will never run out of juice, then you – just like me – will appreciate the titanic proportions of this charger. However, if you’re slightly more sane or don’t use your devices as heavily as me, then you need to look at the trade-off that this device offers.

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It’s large and it’s (relatively) heavy. If you’re carrying around a bag full of tech all day this is something that will add a significant amount. Does that matter to you? Also if you’re going from home to work and back where you’re always plugging in, then do you need a portable charger with you? However, after recent security scares about malicious chargers, if you’re connecting to untrusted chargers, having your own charging hardware is a plus.


Also, if you think you’re going to be away from a socket for a long time, maybe even going away for a week, and don’t want your phone to die, then this charger alone could keep your device going all that time.

Finally, if you just want the biggest charger possible and you don’t care about bulk and weight, then this offers great value for money. Porporta’s 7000 mAh Turbo Charger still costs £55, while this Premium portable power bank only costs £40.

Highly Recommended.