Thinking about where to blog

By on Aug 4, 2013 in Editorial | 1 comment

As you may have noticed, I’m doing some blogging here on my blog – who’d have guessed! Yes,  I apologise for not blogging here more often, but as you’ll see I’m busy writing elsewhere. Having said that, my professional writing is currently concentrated on, where I’m investigating cryptocurrencies. So, I need somewhere to talk about general tech!

So what is my current complement of technology? My daily smartphone is currently the Nokia Lumia 925, kindly loaned from Nokia Connects. On my own pocket,  I also have a 16GB Nexus 7, 16GB Nexus 4, and 16GB iPhone 5. I do not plan to stop covering mobile tech even though my current writing position isn’t focused there, so it’s essential that I have one of everything!

As for upcoming purchases, I will get the 2013 Nexus 7 as soon as I can, and if I can get them for very little money on eBay and I’ll get the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve been ignoring the customised Android phones, sticking to the Nexus reference designs. So time that changed if I can procure them cheaply enough (or if any PR agencies would like to help me out?).

I’m giving serious thought to how to continue my blog. Many people have switched to Tumblr or Google Plus, but I don’t like the idea of having my long form content as part of a cloud based silo. No, I do prefer to be self-hosted where I’m in control of my content and my formatting.  I’m currently with Evohosting, which have a great team of support staff. Most of the time though, I manage my WordPress install on my own, which sometimes means dealing with problems that arise when plugins and the core codebase are updated, and incompatibilities creep in.

If you listen to the TWiT network you’ll always hear ads for Squarespace, which gives you (effectively) infinite bandwidth and all sorts of WYSIWYG bells and whistles. That’s tempting, but I have my publications portfolio to think about. At the moment,  that page is a WordPress template that’s generated by bespoke software I wrote for myself. Squarespace doesn’t for custom things like that, nor does it allow for SSH access, which I really like to have. Another option is 1&1 hosting – it has apps for all sorts of account management which is pretty awesome, but surprisingly they don’t have an app for their website builder. Then again, maybe that’s a tall order?

As I have less time to hack around on my web site, I want something that’s more prescriptive than WordPress, but I still want the option to hack into it if and when I need to.