USB Cooling Fan Review

By on Jul 18, 2010 in Reviews |

USB Cooling Fan

Hello readers, I’m giving some attention to my blog again, and I have a few more posts lined up, so watch this space!

For today, I just want to show off a little gizmo that was sent to me by It’s a USB powered fan, for keeping cool while you’re working at your laptop. It consists of a USB plug, and a flexible metal stem, mounted on which is the fan motor. The blades are made of fabric which means it’s safe if you accidentally catch your skin in the fan while it’s spinning

The flexible stem means you can plug it into your laptop and bend it to whatever position and orientation you need. My laptop has trouble dissipating waste heat at the best of times, so this could even help cool the keyboard down, etc.

When you see the fan at the MobileFun product page, it’s shown with a red button, and two blue LED’s, the review unit I was sent didn’t have either of these, so you have been warned – I know how some people are about getting their blue LED’s 😉

The fan certainly pushes a lot of air, creating a nice cool breeze. On the downside, it is quite noisy, and I found that in some positions it was even rattling the casing of my laptop.

So this isn’t my usual hi-tech sort of review, but I think it’s a nice little novelty to try out during the current UK heat wave! If you want try one, you can buy it here, and see other USB powered fans here.

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