Tip of the week – December 11th 2009

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[Firefox tip]

If you are in need of a profanity filter in your web browser, then there is a Firefox plugin that can do this for you, “Procon”!

From the project’s home page:

ProCon is a content filter for the Firefox browser created by Corvineum, and based on BlockXXX (by Tom Christensen). ProCon filters any type of content on any web page. If left on default, ProCon limits itself to filter pages containing explicit content automatically, based on the text. ProCon can also be used as a profanity filter, and makes use of a whitelist – useful for trusted sites.

Any instances of profanity will be replaced by asterists (*), you can add custom words, but remember there’s no 100% gurantee of effectiveness.

You can visit the project’s home page at http://procon.mozdev.org/