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By on Aug 13, 2009 in Editorial |

Posting your Delicious links to Twitter

Posting your Delicious links to Twitter

If you are a user of Delicious and Twitter, then the lovely people who develop the former have snuck in a very clever new feature to help you bring the two together. While you are adding a page to delicious you now get an extra field to fill in, “Send” which covers your delicious contacts, someone’s email address and yes, your twitter account. Selecting the latter opens up a message box for you to type your accompanying ‘tweet’.

When your post is added to Twitter, your message is posted along with a short-code URL; something that should be familiar to most web users these days. As a way of stamping their own brand on this, the short-code is from their own domain, “”, which does give your tweet a certain air of exclusivity.

This has come hot on the heels of flickr adding thier own short codes for tweeting photos directly from your flickr account.