Follow up – another Micro SDHC card.

By on Dec 17, 2008 in Reviews |

On Monday I posted reviewed my 8GB Micro SDHC card, back when I wrote that review, the 8GB cards were more economical than the 16GB cards. However, prices have come down. Once again, I went shopping with Mobile Fun.

I had two reasons for wanting a 16GB card for my phone. Firstly, I could hold my entire music collection and increase available space for video podcast storage. Secondly, it would free up my 8GB card for a secret project I’m working on (which, if I get working, I shall report on here!).

When I looked up the 16GB card on Mobile Fun the picture showed the card with a Class 4 marking, while my 8GB is a Class 6. “A shame” I thought, but I’d take the speed hit for the increased storage. However, I was dismayed when the 16GB card arrived, the actual card I received had a Class 2 marking on it. I wasn’t sure whether to complain or live with it. First things first, I had to test it.

If you recall from my 8GB review, that despite being a Class 6 card, it ran at an impressive 15 MB/s. So on the same basis, I was maybe hoping for 4 to 6 MB/s out of this Class 2 card. However, my socks were forthrightly blown off. This Sandisk Class 2 Micro SDHC card ran at a gobsmacking (it’s UK slang) 12 MB/s; faster than I even expected a Class 4 to run at. Safe to say I’m a happy boy!


If you would like to see in-depth benchmarks for this model of card, then see